Microeconomic Theory I (2nd year undergraduate) – Summer 2018 (on-line)

[course website]

This course exposes students to theory of markets and prices: decision-making by individuals and firms, equilibrium conditions under various market structures, and issues of individual and social welfare. Students will also be introduced to game theory. To goal is to equip students to understand and mathematically model the decisions facing consumers and firms.


Income Distributions and Problems in Inequality (3rd year undergraduate) – Winter 2018,  Winter 2017, Fall 2015

[course website]   [Evaluations: 2018, 2017, 2015]

This course provides an introduction to the measurement and analysis of poverty and inequality, with a particular focus Canada. We will look at trends in inequality, theories of the principal determinants of the distribution of income, and we will also review some recent empirical findings in the related literature. Students should be comfortable with the principles of microeconomic theory and concepts from elementary statistics.

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